Partners like You Are Making a Difference
Oct 1, 2018

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For 30 years, God has used the preaching of Dr. Michael Youssef, and partners like you, to transform lives in every corner of the globe. We pray that these testimonies from around the world are as encouraging to you as they are to us.

"My husband and I recently sold a business and as part of our tithe back to the Lord we wanted to give to Leading The Way. We listen to your broadcasts each Sunday and have been greatly touched by the message and the mission work done in the Middle East. May God greatly bless Leading The Way and help you stand firm on the blessed Word of our Savior!" – USA

"I donate a small amount every month, and it's with my love to your ministry for changing me for the better."


"I donate a small amount every month, and it's with my love to your ministry for changing me for the better." — Australia

"Leading The Way is around the world—all day, every day. . . . We can't physically be missionaries—but we can be the support team. We want as many as possible to accept the Lord Jesus Christ." — USA

"My family learned that I made a commitment to follow Christ. I was forbidden to leave home. My phone and computer were taken from me. This little Navigator was the only light in my darkness. Every word I heard ministered to my circumstances. I learned in those days what it means to feed yourself on the bread of life." – Albania

"Thank you for sending a pastor my way. He counseled me after I was about to put an end to my life. I accepted the Lord Jesus along with my brother. . . . Now I know why I watched your broadcast at the right time. My life is for Jesus from now on." – Syria

"After watching your channel I have now put my trust in Jesus and felt His love for me." – Indonesia

"I used to be an Imam and I led the prayers in the mosque five times a day. I thought that with these things I could confirm my place in heaven. However, I discovered quite the opposite. . . . Dr. Michael Youssef 's program caught my attention. . . . I accepted Christ through one of his sermons and my relationship with God became a different one in which I feel completely at peace. I want to live for the Lord for the rest of my life." – Morocco

"I have been a passive Christian for too long. The Lord, working through Dr. Youssef, has moved my spirit and empowered me to be bold about my desire to do God's will and be a faithful servant." – USA

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