A Former Muslim's Story: Hussein, Iraq
Feb 2, 2019

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Many Muslims are searching earnestly for the Truth of Christ. Hussein's story is a powerful reminder of the doubts many Muslims have about their religion—and the power of Christ to transform their hearts.

"I read the Quran many times but I felt that some its teachings were weird, hard to come from God."

I was born into a Shiite Muslim family. My parents were extremely devoted to the Islamic religion. They raised and educated us based on Islamic traditions, and my father was involved in a very famous Islamic shrine.

I grew up in this environment, but from an early age and into my adolescence, I questioned Islam. I read the Quran many times but I felt that some of its teachings were weird, hard to come from God. I found many verses that urge killing and violence and other verses that promote injustice.

I found a radio station with Christian programs and began listening with a passion. After a while, I started watching Christian channels like THE KINGDOM SAT. After following several Christian channels, I prayed and asked Christ, "If this is the true religion, come and show me the way." I wanted to know the Truth. I believed in Jesus and surrendered my life to Him.

I'm sure the Holy Spirit dwells in me because my behaviors have changed. I used to hate people, but now I love everyone, including my enemies. My wife didn't believe me in the beginning. But when she saw the change in me, as I became a new man—by the way, this was a long process—she finally became a Christian.

I thank THE KINGDOM SAT and everybody on their staff. God bless them for this great service they provide. And I thank Dr. Michael Youssef very much, along with the other preachers on the channel, for helping me grow in my faith. According to what I've heard from friends and other people, there are many people whose lives have changed, converting from Islam to Christianity. I thank THE KINGDOM SAT and other Christian channels that are very effective in the Muslim world.

*Name changed and photo obscured for his protection.

Thank you for your partnership as we continue to follow up with Muslims who are desperate to know more about Christ.