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Following God
Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Sep 9, 2022
heaven awaits


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The psalmist discovered the joys and benefits of obedience to God:

Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. . . . I have more understanding than the elders, for I obey your precepts. I have kept my feet from every evil path so that I might obey your word. I have not departed from your laws, for you yourself have taught me. How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path. Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. (Psalm 119:97, 100-105)

Unlike the worldly culture around us, we are not rudderless.

Our society seems to take one misstep after another. People around us are wandering aimlessly through life, not knowing what they truly believe or whom they should follow. Politicians and community leaders have strayed off course as they have ignored the divine wisdom and guidance of God in order to follow their own human principles.

God wants to show us how to live abundant and joyful lives. He desires to lead the way for us through life, steering us away from temptation and sheltering us in the storms. He wants to give us guidance in our decisions. We are not to live as the world does, chasing after every new philosophical trend. Instead, we are to live confidently knowing that the only one we need to follow is God.

Unlike the worldly culture around us, we are not rudderless. We have God's guiding Holy Spirit to show us the best course. But first we must surrender completely to following His will and His commandments—even when they do not match our personal desires. We must spend regular time in prayer learning His voice and His heart. The more we know God, the easier it will be to discern His voice from our own self-serving thoughts.

Prayer: God, thank You for providing all the guidance that I need in this life through Your Spirit. I pray that I would spend time with You daily and surrender to Your plans as You reveal them to me. Help me to trust You to lead the way. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

"I wait for your salvation, Lord, and I follow your commands" (Psalm 119:166).

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