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Exercise: Righteousness Leads to Rejoicing
Jul 2, 2020
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When we commit to living a God-centered life, we begin to live out the characteristics of our heavenly Father. We make His priorities our priorities; we make His purposes our purposes. And the result is that we become more and more righteous with each passing day. Remember, this is not self-righteousness. That is not the beauty of our Lord. Rather, God gave Himself for us. He loves deeply, so His righteous people will likewise give and love freely.

Are you centering your life on our Savior?


Are you centering your life on our Savior? Is the righteousness that God is working in you manifesting in care for your community, your neighborhood, and your city?

Write out your prayer to God today, asking Him to be the foundation of your thoughts and actions so that, as you are transformed by His Spirit in you, "the city rejoices" (Proverbs 11:10).

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