Former Muslim Leader Comes to Christ: Abdul (Iraq)
Dec 2, 2019
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A growing underground army of secret believers in the UK, many facing persecution and even threats on their lives, are turning to Leading The Way's solar-powered Navigators for support to equip them to grow in their faith.

One of those whose life was completely transformed was former Muslim cleric Abdul (name changed for his protection).

He was well-known in his community for being a fervent advocate for Islam and would even make the daily call to prayer on the loud speakers in his home town. But all that changed when he came to do some gardening work at the home of Ash, a former Hindu from Malawi who now lives in London.

Identity Protected

He has received numerous threats on his life and has even been beaten up for his faith in Christ.

"I knew he was a Muslim, but I didn't know that he'd been abused and was an illegal immigrant," recalls Ash. "I told him I was a Christian, and he asked me for a Bible in his own language. Then he came back to do some painting for me and told me, '[I now believe that] Jesus is the Son of God.' He had found Christ after reading the New Testament for three days non-stop. He was even having visions of Jesus."

Then God did something miraculous for Abdul: He was finally able to obtain a visa to stay in the UK. To help him grow in his newfound faith, Ash contacted Leading The Way and asked for a Navigator to give to Abdul in his native language of Urdu.

Now, when he works overnight security shifts, he finds comfort and strength in listening to worship songs, the Bible, and teaching from Dr. Michael Youssef on his precious device. The Navigator is also helping Abdul stand strong despite the ongoing persecution he faces. He has received numerous threats on his life and has even been beaten up for his faith in Christ. He also fears for the safety of his family in his home country.

Leading The Way is providing many more Navigators for evangelists like Ash across the UK. Many of these fellow missionaries are reaching out to people from different nations and religious backgrounds who are not in a position to buy a mobile phone but are desperate to seek the Truth of Christ.

"Recently I met a Hindu woman who speaks Bengali and had a vision of Jesus," Ash says. "She wanted to become a Christian, but she didn't know how. I led her to Christ—and I was so excited to be able to give her a Navigator in her Bengali language. And there are many others we are meeting who we hope we can get the Navigators to. They are small, easy to use, and the teaching really helps to disciple these new believers."

Join us as we reach more people like Abdul through the Navigator, dual-language radio programs, and more.