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It's Time for a New Reformation
Feb 1, 2017
heaven awaits


As you and I have witnessed over the past decade, Europe and North America are paying a terrible price for turning from God. 

We are in need of a New Reformation — while there is still time.

This is the reason I have written a new book — The Barbarians Are Here — containing a message that has been in my heart and mind for more than 20 years. Today, I want to make it available to you.

Church steeple

We are in need of a New Reformation — while there is still time.

Over the past two decades, I have at times felt like Jeremiah, with the message of this book like a fire in my bones. Now, at 68 years old, I have been blessed by the Lord to finally share it.

I believe Jesus weeps over many churches today, as He wept over the city of Jerusalem. Where the Good News of Jesus Christ was once proclaimed, unfaithful ministers preach a scandalous tolerance for sin.

Exile is the destiny of every society that once knew God and then turned its back on Him. That exile takes many forms, but it nearly always includes terror from without and social decay from within.

Does this sound familiar? It is our nation's story, but before us, it was the story of the Israelites. When God's people turned from Him, they experienced moral upheaval — and became victims of the Babylonians — forcing them to realize their dependence on the Lord and His grace.

If we as God's people continue to distort His Truth in order to become friends with the world, do we not risk the same consequences? 

Read the Bible's description of the Babylonians — “ruthless and impetuous people ... feared and dreaded ... a law to themselves” — is this not an apt description of groups like ISIS? 

One key reason I wrote The Barbarians Are Here is to pave the way for a New Reformation. Remember, Martin Luther and others demanded a return to the purity of God's Word during the Reformation. As the Church responded — the light of the Gospel ended the Dark Ages. 

It has happened before, and it can happen again. Your support of Leading The Way can be the catalyst for change in our society as we continue to proclaim the Gospel.

The Barbarians Are Here is available through Leading The Way. I pray you will be encouraged as you read it, share it, and commit to being a part of the New Reformation.

Your support will also help us continue proclaiming the Gospel.

Together, we can stand for Truth and make a far-reaching impact.

Working for His Glory,

Michael Youssef, Ph.D.