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From Rubble To Rejoicing
From Rubble To Rejoicing - Part 7
Maybe you feel as though someone has laid siege on your life. Your dreams have been shattered, your hopes dashed, and your emotions fractured. In 586 B.C., the people of Jerusalem felt the same way -- their city had been devastated. But 70 years later, under the direction of Nehemiah, the city and its walls were restored. You see, God had a solution for the situation -- just as he does for you today. In his series From Rubble to Rejoicing, Michael Youssef uses the principles found in the book of Nehemiah to teach us how we can move from a life of rubble to one of rejoicing and hope. When Christ is our central focus, we can overcome poor choices and learn to live life to the fullest.
Scripture: Neh 7
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