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Dr. Michael Youssef on TBN UK’s In Greater Detail

Watch Dr. Michael Youssef on TBN UK in a very personal interview with his dear friend R. T. Kendall as they candidly discuss:

  • Dr. Youssef and R. T. Kendall’s friendship—including how they met
  • Dr. Youssef’s birth—and his mother’s courageous choice to continue with her at-risk pregnancy
  • Dr. Youssef’s miraculous escape from Egypt—and why he related to Jonah throughout that experience
  • Dr. Youssef’s journey to begin The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dr. Youssef’s time in Australia before coming to the U.S.—where he met and married his wife, a native Australian

Dr. Youssef also reveals what he believes is the most dangerous theological trend in today’s churches.

You won’t want to miss this candid discussion!

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