Ask Dr. Youssef
Ask Dr. Youssef: “My life feels so upside-down. I thought God was in control, but where is He?”
Nov 5, 2020

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"My life feels so upside-down, like I am just hanging on. I thought God was in control, but where is He?"

"Our sovereign Lord is in control."



Gaining an eternal perspective on our circumstances is not easy and will not be achieved overnight. It comes from placing ourselves in God's will every day and trusting Him to keep us, no matter what happens.

If your life is a mess right now, ask God to show you why. It may be that you are suffering through the consequences of past sins or mistakes you have made. God may allow you to endure these consequences, but He will see you through them if you let Him take control. He can and will work out every situation for your good, even when you have failed miserably.

Or it could be that you are in great difficulty precisely because you are following God's plan for your life. In that case, rejoice and remember that the blasting of a storm often occurs in the midst of blessing; that God is faithful to all His promises; that He has compassion for His servants who are battling discouragement or depression; and that He will always have the last word. And, above all, remember this: Our sovereign Lord is in control.

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