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Vision 2025 Update: Navigators, Reaching the Sick, the Blind, and the Homeless with God's Word
Sep 3, 2020

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Can you imagine hearing the Gospel for the first time in your heart language? For many in Ethiopia, this life-altering moment came through the Leading The Way Navigator, a solar-powered, durable, audio device loaded with the Bible and Dr. Youssef's teaching programs. Amharic editions of Leading The Way's Navigator made their way into the hands of Ethiopians through the work of Dr. Onsy Louca during his recent medical missions trip. Today, he shares with us his story:

"When I go to Ethiopia, almost every patient asks me, 'Why are you doing this?' I tell them, 'It's the Lord Jesus who sent me here because He loves you.' Once you have the Good News, you cannot keep it to yourself!

"Once you have the Good News, you cannot keep it to yourself!"

"On each trip, I visit a large homeless shelter and another shelter for former prostitutes. I perform surgeries, screen for diabetes, and treat cervical cancer. Before and after I operate or treat a patient, I only talk about God—about His love that brought me there. In this context, the Navigator is an amazing tool. Without it, many of these people would not have an opportunity to read the Bible. In one homeless shelter that we normally visit, there are over 200 rooms, and they share one Navigator between many of them—with everyone listening to the Bible.

"I remember one former prostitute who had been blinded by HIV. She had never read the Bible. Never heard a sermon. But when she heard the Word of God through the Navigator, she was just so happy. 

After we had listened to the Scriptures for a few minutes she said, 'Wow, God really loves me.' The staff at the shelter told me that it was the first time they had ever seen her smile.

"I'm just so grateful that God sent her the Navigator through Dr. Michael Youssef and Leading The Way. Now, she can start a relationship with God. You see, if someone doesn't have the Bible, they don't have life. No one can truly live without the Word of God. For it is the Word of God that gives us wisdom, peace, and joy. It is the Word of God that opens the eyes of the blind!"


As part of our strategic Vision 2025 initiative, Leading The Way is striving to distribute 100,000 Navigators to those who need them most. For many, this will be the only access they will ever have to God's Word.

Will you join us as we get the Gospel into the hardest-to-reach places on earth?