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UK Ministry Update
Feb 28, 2019
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"My prayer is that God will use Dr Michael Youssef and Leading The Way to play a part in bringing a new spiritual reformation to our nation."

Dear Friends and Partners,

I count it a huge privilege to have been invited by Dr Youssef just a few months ago to join Leading The Way as UK Director. This is a role that I was not expecting, but to be part of a ministry which proclaims the uncompromising Truth of God's Word to hundreds of millions of people across the world, together with its bold and ambitious plans for the future, was a God-given invitation that I simply could not refuse!

We are living in an increasingly uncertain, unpredictable, and chaotic world, and we know that our true source of hope, certainty, and security can be found only in the eternal promises of Jesus Christ. As I consider my new role within this extraordinary ministry, my heart, prayer, and longing is that God will use Dr Michael Youssef and Leading The Way to play a part in bringing a new spiritual reformation to our nation.

There is a big job to be done! We have begun to assemble the building-blocks that will enable Leading The Way to have a much wider and deeper impact in the UK. Already, God is opening up wonderful—and unexpected—opportunities as we trust Him for the future.

Right now, through your partnership, we are praying for and working to:

  •  Get Dr Youssef's teachings into as many homes as possible in the UK through Christian radio and TV.
  • Increase the circulation and readership of Dr Youssef's highly acclaimed books.
  • Host a high-profile Uncompromising Truth speaking tour for Dr Youssef in 2020.
  • Recruit an army of ambassadors across the UK who will share about Leading The Way’s work with their friends, colleagues, families, and churches.
  • Secure the funding needed to deliver these ambitious programmes that will enable a ‘step-change’ in effectiveness and impact of this ministry.

We are so grateful to all our partners for their ongoing encouragement, prayers, and financial support.
Your partnership remains a vital part of this mission. Please continue to stand with us as we seek to press on with the vision that we believe God has given us for the UK.

Over the coming months, I will be traveling across the country to meet with supporters and ministry partners. I do hope that there will be an opportunity to meet you! In the meantime, I hope you will continue to be blessed by the ministry of Dr Youssef as you listen to him on Premier Christian Radio, watch him on TBN, or read his books.

May God bless you richly in all that you seek to do for Him!

With very best wishes,

Dr Alan Kerbey

UK Director

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