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Truth in a Time of Confusion
Oct 17, 2016
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A culture growing in opposition toward God. A political correctness movement that seeks to silence the Truth. A broken nation in need of God’s love. The current climate of the Western world sounds much like the drama of ancient Israel or the story of Hosea. Although the narrative is incomplete, God is working out His plan of redemption—and we get to be a part of the story.

There’s a deep sense of unrest in our culture today. Spiritual compromise has placed our nation at a crossroads. Many professing Christians believe the lie that all roads lead to God. Yet in this time of confusion, God is bringing clarity and hope. Through the uncompromised teaching of Dr. Michael Youssef, God is strengthening His church, calling the lost home, and empowering the next generation to boldly follow after Him.
Truth in a time of confusion

“I listened to your teaching last night and felt love and joy that made me weep.”

“I am hurt and angry with the church. Will you please pray for me?” –UNITED STATES

“I listened to your teaching last night and felt love and joy that made me weep. Jesus has given me hope in darkness, and I thank Him for your teaching and guidance. Truth was missing from my life. Now I long for Jesus and His Word.” –UK

“Only recently have I felt the power and love of our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ and Dr. Youssef have helped remove the ice from my heart.” –AUSTRALIA

Through your partnership, the Gospel message is going forth more than 12,000 times every week here at home and around the world—and God is doing a work that surpasses generational, racial, economic, and cultural differences.

In the midst of crisis and chaos, Leading The Way is committed to proclaiming the Word of God and fostering a Biblical worldview here at home. This year, you helped Leading The Way distribute more than 390,000 Biblically-based resources this year. Resources like Dr. Youssef’s book End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi continue to provide readers with a Biblical understanding of world events.

This year, Leading The Way also saw its largest social media engagement spike in history on Facebook in response to the viral Shahid videoa video highlighting a Muslim conversion story through THE KINGDOM SAT, which received 3.3 million views.

Additionally, with initiatives like the launch of an engaging new website, Leading The Way seeks to make God’s Word as accessible as possible with relevant teachings available 24/7 on multiple platforms.

“I grew up in church but didn’t know what I believed in. I started listening to your program a few months ago and since then your commitment to preaching the Gospel has challenged me in my daily spiritual walk.” –UNITED STATES

With your help, we are proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord, and His arms are open wide.

what is the value of your soul?

Truth in a time of confusion

During a special three-night preaching tour in Australia, Dr. Youssef shared a Gospel message that struck a chord in the hearts of thousands who attended. More than 200 people accepted Christ at these powerful revival gatherings. In this deeply secularized culture, God’s Word dismantled spiritual and cultural barriers to the Gospel.

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