Global Work
Against All Hope
Oct 20, 2016

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“I’m in jail because I killed someone.”

“I grew up in a radical Muslim family. I hated God.”

“I was a broken man because of a business failure.”

Can God really use something as small as a radio program to bring hope in situations this dark? This year, Leading The Way heard stories of redemption from all over the world—testimonies of God meeting people in their darkest moments—all through the simple preaching of the Gospel.

“Can God really forgive me and set me free? Is that possible?”

In Syria, where civil war and ISIS occupation have left the nation in fear and ruin, two Leading The Way listeners shared:

“I came to know and believe in Jesus Christ through your program! I’m going through a tough time here in Syria. The electricity is always cutting off, but I keep trying to listen to your broadcast as much as I can. I have dreamed that Jesus is hugging me. He is the Lord of peace.” –Adnan

“You are lightening our darkest days in Syria! Thank you for leading the way out of darkness in such unbearable times!” –Verusha

With Dr. Michael Youssef’s messages available in 26 languages, the Good News of Jesus is transcending cultural boundaries, religious barriers, and the scars of tragedy. Two Turkish listeners—one hating God, the other imprisoned for murder—shared with us:

“I grew up in a radical Muslim family. I hated God because I thought He didn’t love women. I became a feminist. I listened to your program by accident, and I heard for the first time about a God who loves. You talked about the Son of God, that God gave His one and only Son. These words changed my life. Thank you.” –Miriam

“This weekend I listened to your program and wanted to write to you. I’m in jail because I killed someone. I will be here for a long time. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had no hope. I thought that I will never be forgiven. I wanted to kill myself. You talked about a God who forgives. I have hope again now. Can He really forgive me and set me free? Is that possible?” –Sayyid

From Sri Lankan villages to homes in Vietnam—both nations where the Christian population is less than 10 percent—God is drawing listeners to Himself:

“I work near the Sinharaja forest in Sri Lanka, and there are no churches for many miles. This program is very valuable and perfectly timed. This half an hour is worth so much to me.” –Manoj

“I was a broken man because of a business failure. It was highly probable my house would be seized and my wife and children would not have any place to stay. In that hopeless situation, I relied only on Jesus. His Word through your program brought peace to me and my family.” –Tran


In the midst of personal and global crises, listeners and viewers are finding hope as God’s Word goes forth over the airwaves. But the mission field is expanding. Research indicates that mobile phones are today’s mission field. In the coming years, Leading The Way will shift its focus from traditional radio channels to digital outlets, reaching even more people with the Gospel message.

Although our world seems helplessly lost, God is faithful. He is the great shepherd, going after each lost sheep to bring them back home, one by one.

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