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What if Christ Returns Tomorrow?

Jesus has come to secure salvation for all who trust in Him; He will return again to judge the world. Today's devotional explores the question, "What if He came tomorrow?"

If you would like more insight into today’s devotional topic, listen to Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermon series End of History and You:WATCH NOWLISTEN NOW

Both inside and outside the church, people are asking the same question: Is this the end of the world? With a global pandemic that has killed millions, nations spending billions of dollars to update their nuclear weapons arsenals, and an increase in natural disasters, Christians and non-Christians alike are searching for answers.

As believers, we don’t have to fear the end. Using God’s Word as our guide, we can look forward to the future with hope, because we know the King who holds the future in His hands.

In Is the End Near?: What Jesus Told Us About the Last Days, Dr. Michael Youssef examines Jesus’ words in Matthew 24-25 about the end of civilization and demonstrates from Scripture how to live in the hope and security of the Lord’s return, even as the world is collapsing around us. 

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heaven awaits


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