Episode 59: Monica Cline: The Secret to Parenting in a Sexual Age

Join Jonathan for part two of an eye-opening two-part conversation with Monica Cline. For over a decade, Monica worked in HIV prevention education, comprehensive sex education as a Title X family planning Training Manager, and as a volunteer educator for Planned Parenthood.

In part one of this conversation (Episode 58), Monica shares the truth behind comprehensive sex education and the disturbing approach she learned during training with Planned Parenthood.

In this episode, Monica explains the key role parents play in sexual education and how we can become our children's greatest advocates and educators in this area.  She also shares how God has taken what the enemy meant for evil in her life and is using it for good and for the saving of many lives. 

If you are a parent or a grandparent, please take some time to listen to and share both episodes.

To learn more about Monica Cline, visit her website: https://www.monicacline.com

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