Episode 168: Defending Your Faith When You Don’t Have All the Answers: Tim Barnett

As you scroll through social media, it's no longer uncommon to come across a video shared or created by a friend that challenges elements of the Christian faith. You don't agree with their logic, but you aren't quite sure how to highlight the error you see. You honestly want to offer insight, but you don't want to come across angry or defensive.  How can we lovingly help someone who is experiencing doubt or who has drawn a wrong conclusion based on faulty logic?

Today's guest, Tim Barnett,  author of TikTok profile Red Pen Logic, has gained millions of online followers by helping Christians defend their faith in gracious and understandable terms. Tim began Red Pen Logic with Mr. B  on YouTube in the wake of the pandemic to defend Christianity in an ever increasing world of false and misleading social media content.  

Together, Jonathan and Tim discuss the importance of Christian apologetics, the need to give an informed defense of the  faith, and how we can respond clearly and graciously in a social media world rampant with bad theology and deconstruction videos.  

Our hope is that this episode will empower you to confidently share your faith both on and offline.

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