Episode 153: A Challenge to Embrace the Blessing of Special Needs Ministry: Bruce and Rachel Lowe

The population of students with special needs is growing and accounts for close to 15 percent of the total student population. Special needs are medical, mental, or psychological disabilities that require special care. Unfortunately, people with special needs can be overlooked in the church because we don't know how to serve them well. 

In today's Candid Conversation, Bruce and Rachel Lowe join Jonathan for a frank discussion on how to serve special needs families in the local church. The Lowes share their own personal story of the joys and struggles of raising their children with Fragile X syndrome and how they express the loving character of God in unique and challenging ways. Together, they discuss how we can be more intentional about including special needs children and adults in the church by recognizing their God-given spiritual gifts.

In addition to being a fantastic scholar and published author, Bruce Lowe is a beloved seminary professor, friend, and mentor of Jonathan’s.

You don't want to miss this sweet episode as Jonathan and the Lowes peel back layers of the challenging yet rewarding work of engaging with our brothers and sisters with special needs.eeds. 

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