Episode 131: Can Critical Race Theory Offer Racial Healing?: Monique Duson

Critical Race Theory is being offered as a framework that will help with the work of racial healing.  Is this true?  Can Critical Race Theory bring racial healing?  Can it bring Biblical unity? 

Join Jonathan and his guest, Monique Duson of the Center for Biblical Unity, to peel back the layers of Critical Race Theory. Monique is a racial unity advocate and co-founder with Krista Bontrager of the Center for Biblical Unity. 

Monique spent two decades advocating for Critical Race Theory (CRT), but through a series of events, began to clearly see the contradictions of CRT with the historic Christian worldview. In this conversation, she helps shed light on the philosophies behind CRT, the role the Christian church should take in fighting racism and seeking racial healing, and the importance of Biblical discipleship in the journey toward Biblical unity. 

Monique Duson has a BA in Sociology from Biola University. She is working on a MA in Theology. She has a background in social service and children’s ministry—working with a diverse array of under-served communities. Monique served as a Missionary to South Africa for over four years, serving children and teachers impacted by drugs, violence, and trauma.

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