Bible and Theology
Ashamed of Hypocrisy
Michael Youssef, Ph.D.
Jan 22, 2019
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Read Romans 2:1-5.

Many Jewish people in Paul's day believed that if they kept certain rituals, going to the temple and observing important holy days, they were righteous before God—even though their hearts were far from Him. But Paul in Romans 2 challenges this thought and makes one thing crystal clear: Both Jews and Gentles are under the judgment of God and in equal need of salvation in Christ.

May God grant us the grace to be examples of humility and goodness in our backbiting culture.


Because the Jews possessed the Scriptures, God's judgment against them for failing to live by them was stricter than His judgment against the Scripture-less Gentiles. Beloved, this principle applies now to any self-righteous Christian. We have the Scriptures; therefore, we are going to be held to a stricter standard for failing to live by grace than those who have never heard the Gospel.

The self-righteous or legalistic Christian has committed two great errors. First, he underestimates the standards of the righteousness of God. Second, he misjudges the depths of his sin—minimizing his own sins and exaggerating the sins of others.

When we judge one another, we are often hard on others but easy on ourselves. My friends, such hypocrisy is rampant in our churches today. Let it not be true of you and me! Here, Paul reminds us all—by the very standards that we judge others, we ourselves are going to be judged (see Matthew 7:2). May God grant us the grace to be examples of humility and goodness in our backbiting culture.

Have you been harboring resentment in your heart toward anyone? How can you show them the same grace God has shown you? 

Prayer: Father, forgive me for underestimating the standards of Your righteousness. I know I only stand before You because of Your grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. May I spend my life pointing others to the wonders of Your love displayed at the cross, humbly proclaiming how You have been so good to me. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

"So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God's judgment?" (Romans 2:3).