Episode 124: Courage to Answer the Call of God: Bruce Deel

Would you follow God away from comfort and security into hard places?  Would you welcome prostitutes and drug users into your home?  Do you lead with trust in relationships or is trust earned?  For believers, these are hard questions that can only be answered when someone is rooted in Biblical wisdom and is seeking answers from God. 

Today's Candid Conversations guest has had to trust God for the answer to each of  these questions and God has led him into hard places. In these places, he has seen miraculous life transformation. Bruce Deel joins Jonathan on the final episode of Candid for 2021.

Bruce is the CEO of City of Refuge in Atlanta, Georgia. Bruce is also the Senior Pastor of The Mission Church and a graduate of Lee University. Bruce spent 14 years as a pastor in the suburbs of Atlanta until God boldly moved his heart into the struggling inner city to join the fight against the darkness and hopelessness found there. He founded The City of Refuge in 1997 with a mission to bring light, hope, and transformation to individuals and families in Atlanta.

Join Jonathan as Bruce walks us through his powerful story of giving up everything to follow the call of Christ to serve God’s people. We pray this testimony will leave you inspired to follow the call of God on your life in this new year – trusting that with God, nothing is impossible.

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